Sponsor Us

Interesting in becoming a sponsor for our next upcoming Queensland Multicultural Week? We are looking for sponsors and suppliers who are interested in joining our annual event. We invite you to join us and showcase your sponsorship to our audience throughout the weeklong event.


When you sponsor Queensland Multicultural Week, our activities promote a weekly theme of our multicultural stories through digital media. Our promotional campaigns include the following:

  • Sponsored feature with events calendar and video content about the contribution to Queensland Multicultural Week
  • Promotion through digital and print media.
  • Extensive promotion via social media
  • And more.

Last 2016, we achieved high levels of engagement both national and state-wide through our various promotional channels.

Promotion as an Official QLD Sponsor

As an official sponsor of QLD Multicultural Week, you will receive recognition as a supporter which will include your company logo to appear on printed collateral, advertisements, and our website.

We also invite you to produce sponsored activities of your own to help provide value to your investment and demonstrate the strong committee to Queensland’s cultural diversity. This will include such cultural celebrations, seminars, and promotion through your marketing channels.

We look forward to experiencing the new event with you and working with you as a supporter of QLD Multicultural Week to make the week all the more exciting for all Queenslanders to come.

If you are interested in our sponsorship to Queensland’s cultural celebration, we would like to hear from you.