As the largest celebration in the state, the Queensland Multicultural Week is a week-long celebration of multiculturalism and Queenslanders.

Every year, the Queensland Multicultural Week is held in August and includes a variety of activities and events across Queensland to celebrate harmony and inclusion as one. As the diverse culture is part of the Queensland story, we provide a weeklong celebration to embrace our ancestry.

With countless hands to weave the cultural fabric of the state of Queensland, it is only natural to celebrate the lives of our ancestors and the communities that have enriched our state. The positive celebration was created to keep the spirit of Queenslanders of all ages and backgrounds active and educated of our history.

As one of the most anticipated events of the year, it is a chance for students, professionals, and citizens to celebrate the diversity in their cultures and embrace the diversity of the community.

Join us as we take you deep into the culture with films and poetry to start the celebration. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to celebrate the work and volunteer to create a welcome and inviting opportunity to help Queensland grow and celebrate diversity.