5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Queensland

As the tropical region of North-Eastern Australia, you will find two of the greatest natural wonders in the world – the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. The state of Queensland offers it all.

Whether you’re looking to find new thrills or to discover new reefs, here are 5 reasons why you should visit Queensland.

Discover the Great Barrier Reef

The most popular place to visit in Queensland is the Great Barrier Reef. Today, it is considered as the world’s biggest structure that is made by living organisms. In fact, it is even seen from an outsider and larger than the Great Wall of China. The reef is estimated to reach over 200 km with almost 3000 reefs waiting to be explored.

Explore the Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree Rainforest reaches over 12,000 km deep into the North Tropical Queensland. With countless waterfalls and dense rainforest regions, the Daintree stretches through the sandy beach and into the reef where the two World Heritage sites align.

Live in Eco-Luxury at the Lady Elliot Island

Lady Elliot Island is a coral cay located right at the South region point of the Great Barrier Reef. The entire island is a mere 42 hectares that you can explore in less than an hour. You can rest along the reef and enjoy the island that is free of fishing and committed to conservation. Just don’t expect any TVs, telephones, or even radios.

Seek Thrill at the Largest Sand Island in the World

Fraser Island is established as the largest sand island in the world today. It is also a must-see spot to visit if you’re looking for an out of this world landscape of over 250 km. You will find pristine white sandy beaches with striking sand cliffs along the rainforest. Enjoy every second of your trip to Fraser Island with a great swim at Champagne Pools or Eli Creek.

Have fun at the Gold Coast’s Theme Park

As one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia, the Gold Coast has its high reputation for fun with tons of attractions for thrill-seekers to catch their ultimate ride. There you will find high-rise apartments, shopping malls, and koala cuddling.

With reasons like these, who wouldn’t want to visit the beautiful state of Queensland? Comment below share your thoughts with us!

Best 4 Road Trips to Try in Queensland

Looking to explore the beauty of Queensland through the road? Explore a road holiday will open doors to personal and memorable experiences from the world-heritage sites to the countless pubs and waterfalls. With that said, we’ve narrowed down the best road trips to try in Queensland.

Check out the best 4 road trips to try in Queensland.

Great Tropical Drive

Starting from Cairns in Tropical North Queensland, make your way down the reef towards the coastal towns. Visit the Palm Cove, Daintree, Port Douglas, Cape Tribulation, and finally Cooktown. The trail will head west and down its way through the historic Charters and finish on the reef. This route will also make the perfect route to stop at the Cairns Wildlife Dome Zoo, Rex Lookout, and the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary.

Green Way

For any driver with experience on the Queensland roads, the Green Way follows along the coastline from Cairns to Townsville. In fact, it was rated as one of the top 10 scenic routes in the world. The scenic route is truly breathing as you drive past 410 km. Allow your trip to last at least two whole days to enjoy the beautiful landscapes. If you have time, visit Magnetic Island.

Cape York

Stated as one of the final 4WD frontiers on the planet, this route takes you down the northern point of Australia into Cape York. The road goes through creeks full of salt water crocodiles and untamed wilderness with the most ferocious animals alive on the planet. However, roadsters say that this road trip is only suitable for four-wheeled drivers. Be sure to know where you’re going as you will have to pass through indigenous areas where there are alcohol restrictions.

Fraser Island

As the world’s largest sand island, explore 75 miles of beach views on the official road. As one of top must-visit road lists in Queensland, you will enjoy Eli Creek, experience the Champagne Rock Pools and gorgeous views from the Indian Head. You can also enjoy visiting the other spots such as Pile Valley, Lake McKenzie, and Wanggoolba Creek.

Have you tried any of these top four road lists? What other routes can you recommend? Comment below and let us know!

Top 5 Ultimate Things to Experience in Queensland

If you find yourself limited to staying in one area in Australia – Queensland is the best way to go. With over 1.7 million kilometers of the Australian continent, you will discover just how large Queensland really is. With that said, there are the top 5 ultimate things to experience in Queensland.

Explore the Great Barrier Reef

Visiting the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef is a must when you visit Australia. With so much to do, you can snorkel the Low Isles Coral Cay off of Port Douglas, dive with the turtles on Lady Elliot Island, and even find the Great 8. Take your time to enjoy the romantic views of the Heart Reef.

Escape to the Islands

Sail through the islands and visit Orpheus Island and check out the giant clams. If road trips are your preferred taste, drive through the 3 largest sand islands on Fraser Island and swim in clear pristine waters.

Go for a Koala Cuddle

One of the few states that you’re allowed to cuddle with a Koala in Australia is in Queensland. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get a closer look at local animals. You will even find that plenty of celebrities often frequent the area for a quick Koala hug.

Swim with the Minke Whales

For two month out of the year, Queensland offers a once in a lifetime experience where the Minke whales visit the local waters of the Great Barrier Reef. During the month of June and July, go ahead and dive and snorkel with these amazing sea animals.

Excavate for Fossils in the Outback

Follow the dino trail between Winton and Hughenden or fossick for fossils at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs. There are countless museums to visit such as the Boulia Stonehouse Museum, Eromanga National History Museum and more.

What is your favorite experience to try in Queensland? Comment below and let us know!